Baltimore birth services

Birth & Postpartum Services


Birth Doula Services:

A birth doula is a trained, experienced labor companion – often a mother herself – who works with families throughout the childbearing cycle to provide information and education, physical and emotional support and advocacy. A doula functions as a spiritual midwife – holding the space for a birthing woman to dive into her depths and bring forth her baby as she feels best. A doula does not perform medical tasks or make decisions, rather she provides the knowledge, decision making skills, and confidence a mother needs to trust herself and take personal responsibility for her experience in collaboration with her care team. A doula is a team player – enhancing a partner’s ability to offer calm, confident support to a birthing mother and doing as little, or as much, as necessary to help them achieve their goals.

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Postpartum Doula Services:

A postpartum doula is a trained professional who can provide education, care and support to the family after the birth of a new baby. Postpartum doulas have experience in recovering from childbirth, baby care, breastfeeding, and infant sleep. They provide non-judgmental support while meeting the general needs of the family.

Duties may include: light housekeeping, infant and/or sibling care, errand running, overnight infant care, & meal preparation

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Placenta Encapsulation:

Placenta encapsulation is the process of turning a baby's placenta into capsules that a new mother can consume to aid in postnatal recovery.  The process, which takes place in the client's home, is performed over a 2 day period.  One the first day, the specialist will sanitize the work area, wash the placenta, gently steam it, and prepare it for dehydration.  It will dehydrate overnight and on the second day, the specialist will return to pulverize the placenta and prepare the capsules.  At this time, the specialist will review dosing guidelines and present the family with a complimentary umbilical cord keepsake.

Mothers who encapsulate their placenta commonly report:

  • increased energy
  • enhanced lactation
  • decreased postnatal bleeding
  • restored iron levels
  • balanced, stable mood

Placenta encapsulation services are provided by The Nurturing Root.