Infant Massage

Baltimore infant massage classes

Infant Massage Classes

Touch empowers compassion, security, and trust. The earlier we can provide a continuous positive touch to an infant, the earlier the attachment creates a long line of constructive effects in the relationship between an infant and those that are care-giving. Infant massage provides numerous benefits. It can improve sleep, stimulate appetite, decrease postpartum depression, help provide relief for constipation, gas and colic, increase paternal bonding, and increase overall bonding and attachment with caregivers. What is really beautiful about learning infant massage is that it can really bring parents or caregivers closer with their baby in their own unique way. Infant massage can begin as early as after delivery. See for yourself. Experience the beauty. Create the magic. This is a great class for foster parents and adoptive parents, too!

This is a 4 week series, offered monthly, where each week we introduce a new technique. All supplies are provided for you. Just don't forget the diaper bag. $100 per "family". Mom, dad, or another caregiver is invited to participate as extra dolls are available for practice during the class. Jessie encourages foster parents, and adoptive parents to take the class. Beyond amazing for the bonding experience and creates a trust through touch.

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